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Commissioned Paintings

Contact Bruce Langton for a quote on a commissioned painting... One of Bruce's specialties. - 574-277-6137


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Welcome to the official website and the inspirational world of internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Langton. Explore the

wide range of original paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolor that have won Bruce numerous national awards. Other

originals offered are the very collectable and sought after hand colored copper plate etchings along with limited edition prints and Giclee prints.

Subjects available include wolves, lions, elephants, leopards, cape buffalo, song birds, north American waterfowl, eagles,

dogs, fly fishing, loons, landscapes, sporting art and hunting scenes as well as children's books, sporting (hunting related) books and collectable plates.


You may also commission Bruce to do a special painting as this is one of his specialties.


Through this site discover Bruce Langton's passion for art and the versatility in all of his work he has achieved over the past 35 years.


Thank you for visiting Bruce Langton's website.

Revised: March 6, 2024

This is the official internet site of artist Bruce G. Langton.

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